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Vision and Mission - Virtual Safari Tour

By Suyash Keshari, Wildlife Presenter, Filmmaker and Conservationist

Virtual Safari Tour with Suyash Experience!

Safaris are one of the best ways to connect with our wild world. When someone goes on a safari, they can see animals in their natural habitat, learn about their behavior, understand the relationship between different animals, trees, shrubs, birds, and even the soil, and most important conservation issues surrounding a specific species. Safari goers even gain skills in tracking different wildlife through footprints and alarm calls. They learn not to fear but rather have a healthy respect for wildlife, and most importantly connect to another being that is completely different from our own species, and yet must have equal right to survive.

But going on a safari is not always easy or feasible. Even if you can find the time and motivation to go on such an experience, they are often costly and inaccessible to the common person. Moreover, the pandemic showed that travel in the coming years will always be uncertain. And yet, it is very important for us to connect with nature and also get a deeper, more meaningful understanding of wildlife which can lead to better conservation measures.

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About Me

Suyash Keshari

Hey, my name is Suyash Keshari and I would love to host you on our virtual safaris tour.

I am a 25 year old wildlife presenter, filmmaker and conservationist. I have grown up in Central India. Over the past decade, I have been stalked by tigers, charged by elephants in, swam with Great White Sharks and worked with some of the most incredible communities lending a hand to conserve our planet’s wild wonders.

My goal has always been to connect people with nature and tell stories that would evoke passion in hearts and minds across the world and urge them to play their part in conserving it.

Creating India’s First Virtual Safari Experience is a part of that effort. Because I believe – what we can see, we can love. And what we can love, we will fight to protect. And what better way to connect with our wild world, than to go on a safari?

I have been tremendously lucky to host over 100 people including celebrities on safaris in Bandhavgarh National Park and it will be an absolute pleasure to continue doing that virtually to you guys from all over the world.

So please join me by subscribing to this platform and tuning into our safaris.

See you all very soon!

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    • JPEG vs RAW
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