Wildlife Presenter

Wildlife Presenter, Filmmaker & Conservationist

Wildlife Presenter, Filmmaker & Conservationist

Suyash Keshari is a 26-year old Wildlife Presenter, Filmmaker & Conservationist.  He is the pioneer of India’s First Virtual Safari Experience hosted on his own OTT Platform – Safari with Suyash – TV, which is the first of its kind in the world. People from across the world can now tune into an exciting and educational safari from their homes and learn about tracking big cats, identifying different species and how to conserve wild spaces.

From a very young age, Suyash was fascinated by wildlife around his house in Central India. He would spend hours on end observing animal behaviour in his backyard. Growing up, he was fascinated by wildlife tv presenters such as Nigel Marven, Steve Irwin, Sir David Attenborough etc. He would always wonder why can’t an Indian present on Indian wildlife, while wildlife filmmakers and presenters from all over the world did.
He loved telling stories of wildlife ever since his childhood and hence presenting in front of the camera was something that he always wanted to do.

After completing his graduation in the United States of America, and working for a couple of years in a Political Advocacy firm, he came back to India to fulfil his dream of being a full-time wildlife presenter and filmmaker. He always wanted to have his own wildlife show, and it soon became a reality when he produced his first series in 2019 for WWF International which is 5-part real-life web series about a young person’s life with tigers and conservation issues surrounding the species, centred in Bandhavgarh National Park. The season finale was launched by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, and the series itself has been showcased at a United Nations Conference, and by Incredible India, Ministry of Tourism on several platforms.

Suyash has taken over 150 people on safaris in India and Africa. It was in due course of time that he realised, not everyone could be on safari, due to several constraints. This thought led to the idea of creating India’s first Virtual Safari, where people can enjoy the thrill and excitement of a safari from the comfort of their homes. Wildlife filmmaking is a tedious task, with the crew having to spend days on end tracking a particular animal, be it immense heat, cold or rain. While creating the virtual safari, the crew faced several difficulties, including severe weather and equipment malfunction. Fair to say the crew braved all odds and thus India’s first Virtual Safari Experience came to life.


The Virtual Safari:

The Virtual Safari is the first of its kind in India, wherein people would be able to experience the thrill and excitement of a safari from the comfort of their homes. The safaris are very educational in approach and unlike stereotypical documentaries, this goes on just like an actual safari with no cuts or dramatic music. The on-field team of ‘Safari with Suyash-TV’ consists of two cameramen, the guide who is also the tracker and of course, Suyash himself being the naturalist, host and driver.  The point of view is such that your view always replicates what you would see when on an actual safari.


Throughout the safari, the focus is not only on tigers but on wildlife and nature as a whole. Suyash stops the vehicle and explains about all kinds of sightings ranging from small birds to big cats and even trees. Upon a sighting, an infographic card pops out to give the ‘virtual guests’ some key information regarding the species on-screen.  The whole virtual safari maintains an interactive approach with Suyash sharing conservation stories, personal anecdotes and tips and tricks of tracking. Every virtual safari features a segment called ‘Back to school with Suyash’ in which Suyash is seen discussing topics such as how to track animals, conservation issues etc. The goal of this segment is to help people understand nature better and as a result, connect with it.

The Team:

Safari with Suyash comprises a team of young professionals. Apart from Suyash, the on-field team consists of two cameramen, two field guides who are also the trackers, and a field logistics person.  Behind the scenes, there is the post-production head who takes care of all the post-production work, the web developer, who helped create Indias’ first wildlife OTT platform and the Program Assistant who handles the administrative side of things.


  • Team Safari with Suyash-
  • Host and Naturalist- Suyash Keshari
  • First Cameraman- Himanshu Yadav
  • Second Cameraman- Nithin Krishna
  • Field Guides- Ramnaresh Burman (Lala) and Rajesh Sahu
  • Field Logistics- Vijay Yadav
  • Post Production Head- Sonu Singh
  • Web Developer- Jamuna Janardhanan
  • Program Assistant- Sujatro Bhattacharyya

Photography Masterclass:

Suyash, at the age of 19, became one of the youngest people to win the Nature’s Best Photography Asia Award, for a photograph of a six-month-old tigress. This photo was exhibited for a year at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D.C. Suyash was also the finalist for the Sustainable Category Award of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

Wildlife photography is considered to be one of the trickiest of all genres of photography. The photographer has no control over the situation, the lighting or the subject. And as the action unfolds in a matter of seconds, it is important you have the right skill set to take that one brilliant shot within a short span of time.

On Safari with Suyash- TV you now get access to an exclusive wildlife photography masterclass, that will help clear all your doubts and develop the skillset to become a successful wildlife photographer!

The Photography masterclass offers:

  • Guide to camera modes and settings
  • Guide to buying a camera and lens
  • Deep dive into exposure triangle: Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture
  • White Balance modes and settings
  • Focusing, Metering and Exposure compensation
  • Art of Composition
  • Art of Storytelling
  • Storage & Media Management
  • JPEG vs RAW
  • Step by step guide to post-processing on Adobe
  • How to convert your passion into your profession
  • Portfolio Development and Pitching
  • Answers to most frequently asked questions

To be a successful wildlife photographer one has to understand animal behaviour along with mastering the fundamentals of photography. On Safari with Suyash- TV one can learn both simultaneously. The virtual safaris are full of facts about nature and wildlife and paired with the Photography Masterclass, which has over four hours of in-depth photography concepts. Going through the masterclass will surely make you a better wildlife photographer and nail those images.